Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why did I want to get married?

When I was young and not married, I thought that getting married was the best thing that could happen in anyone’s life. Falling in love with that special someone, having them love me, and do everything for me, and be gentle and caring toward me, would be the dream come true. That’s how I imagined a married life would be. I never knew that I would have to work at marriage, or that sometimes my husband would not want to be loving toward me, but will hold a grudge against me when I would be acting childish or spoiled. Even seeing my parents constantly bicker and complain, didn’t stop me from fantasizing that I could do better in a marriage.

I didn’t know that a marriage is two people molding into each other, each person with his own personality, his own character, and their own habits, likes and dislikes. I did not know that I cant change my husband, or that I should not try to mold him in to a more 'better' person. I did not know that God didn’t not make marriage to make me fulfilled or happy. Why not, isn’t it what a good marriage all about?

And so begun my journey in my married life, the ups and the downs, the sweet moments, and the bitter tears. The hopes and disappointments all swirled around me as the years went by. Little by little I learned that each day in a marriage is a way to better one self and love the person I am married to. Even if he is not perfect, and has his faults and problems, I learned to love him for who he is, for his gentle and caring way, his love for me, even when I acted spoiled and childish. With God's amazing grace we grew to love each other more with each passing year, and now almost 10 years married I look back at the young, star-gazed girl I was to what I learned and become, and I am thankful for all the lessons, the tears, the hardships.

For marriage is not for me to be fulfilled but for me to become a better person, and in becoming that better person, and in loving Jesus more with each lesson in my marriage, I feel fulfilled. I feel happy, I feel loved.

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