Sunday, November 10, 2013

Living a pure life.

Reading this post this morning, I started to think about my own childhood, how we were raised. My parents had a large family and our dad read the bible every day to us, we prayed every morning and before going to sleep. My dad always spoke about living for Jesus and being holy. I remember how he told us to save our self for marriage and to stay pure. I always had this fear of God in my heart that He was watching me, and I was shy to even think about kissing anyone outside of marriage. In high school I was supper shy, and had no problems in keeping my self pure and saved for someone special. When I turned 19 years old, I prayed to God to give me a present for my birth day. And He did. I met my husband on my birthday, well I actually invited him, a new boy at church to my birthday celebration. That's when we started to get to know each other, through phone calls, visits, and lots of wonderful trips. Then he had to move to CA and we kept in touch, kept the long distance romance going. It was wonderful when we finally decided to get married and after a 3 year romance-dating we got married. We talked about keeping ourselves pure for marriage, we were both raised that sex outside of marriage was a big "No-No". I am glad God kept us both to our promise and we entered our marriage as pure and untarnished virgins.

Now we have been married for almost 14 years, and God has blessed our, and our marriage is strong and loving, and I am thankful that God has given me such a wonderful gift when I turned 19.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


What is life in general? It is a fast moving train, with occasional stops here and there. I am sure we are all super busy, with work, home, children, and church, but then comes a time when you glance out of your window and wonder what life is all about, why are we truly here? What is the sense of hurry and busyness? Life is what you make it, it could be either sweet and fun, or sad and demanding, something we put a lot of limitations on ourselves and our families, sometimes we try to put a lot of burdens on our selves, what she should be doing, and how our family should look, and how we should dress, and how we should act. But really, who are we trying to impress here? Is it someone else. I read somewhere that no matter what you do, and how you act, there will always be someone to criticize. There is just no way in making every one happy. The only true thing is to make God happy. If we live for Him, then no matter what happens, or what people say, it is truly no that important, when you know you did the will of God. God does not want us to be so busy with every day life, that we don't have time to notice the beautiful sunset, or laugh with your kids, or snuggle with your husband. Yes, I am sure that there are things that need to be done, but sometimes we think that some things just have to be done, we ourselves make the rules, the limitations, the burdens. And then we wonder why we are so unhappy, so worn out, and so bored. God made life beautiful, lets stop the craziness around us, and enjoy a nice time alone with God, with nature, with you little ones, with the love of your life.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter and poems.

 Winter is a beautiful season, but its cold, its long, its barren and sometimes sad. Don't despair, spring will be here shortly, its just around the corner. Even though its not snowing here in California where I live, but it does snow in the mountains that are about 2 hours away from us.
I like poems... this is one is interesting, you can find more from it here.
And slow, slow as the winter snow
The tears have drifted to mine eyes;
And my poor cheeks, five months ago
Set blushing at thy praises so,
Put paleness on for a disguise.
Ah, Sweet, be free to praise and go!
For if my face is turned too pale,
It was thine oath that first did fail, —
It was thy love proved false and frail, —
And why, since these be changed NOW,
Should I change less than thou.

 I like this poem, you can find the rest of it here, but it talk about spring coming.
Once more the Heavenly Power
Makes all things new,
And domes the red-plowed hills
With loving blue;
The blackbirds have their wills,
The thistles too.

Opens a door in Heaven;
From skies of glass
A Jacob's ladder falls
On greening grass,
And o'er the mountain-walls
Young angels pass.

Before them fleets the shower,
And burst the buds,
And shine the level lands,
And flash the floods;
The stars are from their hands
Flung through the woods,

The woods with living airs
How softly fanned,
Light airs from where the deep,
All down the sand,
Is breathing in his sleep,
Heard by the land.

Here is another that I like too.
O, cease to heed the glamour
That blinds your foolish eyes,
Look upward to the glitter
Of stars in God's clear skies.
Their ways are pure and harmless
And will not lead astray,
Bid aid your erring footsteps
To keep the narrow way.
And when the sun shines brightly
Tend flowers that God has given
And keep the pathway open
That leads you on to heaven.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wow, its 2013 already?

A new year has started, I love everything new. New beginnings, new cars, new houses, new babies, new life, everything new is so much fun, so much to explore and learn about.
The hard part is to stick to the old… we would rather have new things and not appreciate the old. But sometimes we hold on to old draby thing and not get into the beautiful new garment…. Sounds familiar? Or am I just a bit confused?

It has been quite a busy 2012 year for me. Giving birth to my 4th child was pretty exciting, exhausting and made my life so full and so busy. With working full time and keeping my household running I believe I was lost a bit, or as far as blogging... just couldn't find a sec to update.... but this is life and sometimes we all have to stop in the middle of traffic and notice that flower growing on the curb... does this make sense, or am I still a bit confused? 

They say this is a bad flu season this year… wasn’t last year a bad year too? Or at least that’s what they said last year as well. They do say that a lot of people are dying, but its hard to get the statistics of that, and hard to pin point what people are dying from, could be the flu, could be medication overdose, or pneumonia, or some reaction to a cold. So it could be from anything, but they make it seems that it was only a very bad flu. I just don’t believe that. Working in a medical field I see how they make everyone get a flu shot to protect the patients, but then everyone seem to get sick with all kinds of colds, viruses, sinus infections, everyone are walking around coughing. I don’t know, it just makes me kind of suspicious and definitely makes me confused.
Life is busy with little kids, its so hard to find the time to read the bible, to pray, to just sit a spell for a second. I try to still find time to read books on occasion, squeeze in some time here and there, I do love to read. All the other hobbies will just have to wait until my babies are not so needy and time consuming. Of course I love them dearly and wont change a second of my time with them, but sometimes locking myself in the bathroom is the only chance I get for alone time... well of course I don't count the time I am away working outside of home, no wonder they miss me and rush to hug and be with me the minute I am home.
Everything else is going great, busy and full of life. Is this how life supposed to be? I guess its OK to be busy as long as we still stop and notice the things that really makes life precious. I read that book, Pollyanna, and she had her schedule so full at one time, that she asked her aunt, but when do I live? Doing all kind of things in life is not the same as living life with passion and doing things that we truly love and cherish.
I wish you all cherish your life this new 2013 year and spend time with God, with your family, with nature, and I hope this year will be even better than last year.