Sunday, November 22, 2015

Autumn in California.

 Fall comes late to California, the leaves slowly change color as the weather turns colder with each day. By late November we get to enjoy the beauty of changing leaves, crisp air, perfect weather- not too hot, and not too cold. I am blessed to be able to live here and enjoy the beauty of the season.

I really enjoy the red, orange and yellow colors of the autumn leaves. There is just something amazing about all of nature changing, evolving into something beautiful, before it all just falls off and gets ready for cold bare winter.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Flowers and seeking God.

 When you are feeling down, feeling sad, there are some things in life that will cheer you up. The first is talking to God, He understands all our feelings. The second thing is smelling the flowers. Every spring we get to smell the sweet honey smell of orange blossoms, they do wonders for uplifting the mood.
 I bet everyone has smelled the wonderful smell of a delicious rose. Sweet, perfumed, with a hint of spice. God did make everything beautiful. God does love beauty, wonderful smells, and the pleasure of watching plants and people grow.

 So when you are feeling down, feeling sad, struggling from certain problems or illness, cry out to God, and when you see a beautiful flower, know that is for you. For your comfort and joy.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy and sad.

Miscarriage is a sad and a happy thing. The sad part is that you loose a little darling baby, and the happy part is that you have a little angel waiting for you in heaven.

Sometime life gives us unpredictable turns and we have to go through valleys of sadness and tears. That is when the beauty around us that God created comforts our souls, eases the sadness and makes life bearable, a little bit at a time. When I got the news that I was having a miscarriage, after having 4 children, I thought that I wont be sad, but it is still pretty sad, and you feel out of control a bit lost, and things we planned will not happen. That is when I know that God is always in control, whatever happens, happens for a reason, and He is our Life, Love and Comfort.