Thursday, January 7, 2010


A New Year is always a time for a change. I am getting bored with my blog. I cant find the time or the inspiration to post anything worth reading. So I decided to change the title of my blog.... Yes, I know that changing the title will not make the blog interesting, but I believe its worth a try... If I am bored with my blog, I can just imagine how bored others are in reading my blog...:) Hey, I don't take it personally, for me this is an exciting place to post picture of my little ones, to post my photos that I love taking, and to write a few words of inspiration or something else. I am not a great writer, and most of the time I am bad with grammar, and spelling, but knowing that this way I can learn to get better, and in this I believe. I believe that not everything written is worth reading, but sometimes its possible to find a jewel through the hay. In reading all kinds of blogs I find a lot of people are so talented, while others not so, but still have a lot of followers, who love to read everything that the person writes.

So for this New Years resolution, I would like to change my blog in little, subtle ways, and start bringing into it the things that I love. Hopefully the inspiration I have bubbling within me about the blog will really inspire me to write and post fun posts. I will hope and pray.... :) Now I just need to think of an interesting title for my blog.... :)

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