Thursday, September 18, 2014

No more coffee.

It has been a whole month now with no coffee. Can you believe it, me an avid coffee drinker, who could not function without my fist yummy cup of mocha, now is living without the black bitter goodness. I cant believe it myself. I still have a craving for it, and every time my coworkers are brewing a fresh mug of coffee, I feel my resolve wavering, but since I did this for health reasons, I am sticking to my no coffee road.

Here are the reasons why I quit:
1. Felt like it was an addiction for me, I could not function without my first sip.
2. The high of coffee would wear off by 10 am and I would be so tired.
2. I had insomnia, could not fall back asleep, even though I only had coffee in am.
3. My head felt heavy, muggy thoughts, could not concentrate.
4. It was getting to be an expensive treat, Mochas and frapuchinos add up.
5. I would get a migraine headache if for some reason I couldn't get my first sip of coffee by 9am.
6. Overall I did not care how it was affecting my body organs, read about the adrenal fatigue.

Here is how I feel a month with no coffee:
1. I feel great! I don't need to have my first sip and I can still function.
2. No more late morning fatigue, I feel energized and happy.
3. I lost 5 lbs, no mochas and no frapuchinos... tons of extra calories lost.
4. I sleep better, even if I do wake up, I fall back asleep faster.
5. I am happy that I am not stimulating my adrenal glands.
6. I am saving money.

So overall I am happy that I got to quit my coffee addiction, and even if in the future I would want a sip of coffee here and there, as long as I don't make it into a daily habit, it should be OK.

If you feel very tired and sleepy in the afternoon, it could be the coffee addiction.... or it could be the food we are eating, more on that in the future post.
This has become my drink of choice for the past few weeks. Green fruit smoothies!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Is watching tv good for you?

The dream my sister saw a few years ago. The first time I read this I got goosebumps, and it happened the second time around as well. If you have a tv in your house, please watch this. 

......I'd like to share my dream that I saw years ago. Back then, I had just one child. We had bought a small TV, and without realizing it, have become quite involved in it, watching it every evening, or whenever we had a moment free. Our daughter would sit with us, and watch with us whatever we were watching.

Then I started talking with my husband, I didn't think it was good that we were so involved with TV, and watching it often, and especially our daughter watching with us. We were loosing good quality time together as a family, and with God. My husband agreed with me, but didn't really do anything about it.

Every day I was getting more distressed about it, and prayed to God to help us deal with this.

One morning, I got up to help my husband get ready for work, and after he left, I went back to bed. And I saw a dream, or a vision, as some people say.

In my house, I see a man. He was horrid to look at. He was short, and had shaggy dirty clothes on him, he stood sort of bent- like an old man. He had dirty matted hair that hung to his shoulders. His face was scary, he had colorless eyes that kept twitching back and forth, and he had froth coming out of his mouth.

And instead of walking- he jumped- hopped from one place to another.

I got very upset and distressed seeing him in MY house, and opened the door, and made him leave.

He came back into the house THROUGH the walls, and no matter how much times I kept putting him outside , he kept coming back.

I was even more upset, because I couldn't get him to stay out.

Then I saw an even scarier picture. I saw the devil- for I knew by then that thats what he was- I saw him sitting on the floor, and in front of him sat my daughter, watching him, and beside her sat my future children, I saw their souls, and they were all sitting there in front of him, and he was feeding them each with a spoon. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why are we sick?

Why is there so much sickness in our churches? Why do people who are close to us, like relatives and friends get cancer, leukemia and have heart problems? When we do get sick why do we run to the doctors and start taking medications right away, and many times the medication does not help and we get more sick, more weak, more depressed, and more alone in our struggle. Why?

I was listening to some sermon the other day, where the preacher was saying that most sickness is from a sin in our life. That if our heart and soul is lovely, pure and clean, then we don't get sick. But if we have unforgiving, anger, jealousy, or strive in our heart, we are open to any kind of sickness.

There could be a small truth to it, but I believe that also our health is determined in what we eat. If we eat a lot of junk food, lots of sweets, with corn syrup in it, and our foods are full of chemicals and pesticides, then our health declines. Our immune system fails us, and we get sick.

I guess if you are sick, try to change the way you eat but also check out your soul and heart. Do you have someone who you cant forgive? Don't let them make you sick. Stay healthy -forgive them.

Spring is here.

I believe spring is my favorite time of the year. Everything is blooming, everything is green, and its getting much warmer, and I don't have to defrost my car every morning when I go to work.