Sunday, September 1, 2013


What is life in general? It is a fast moving train, with occasional stops here and there. I am sure we are all super busy, with work, home, children, and church, but then comes a time when you glance out of your window and wonder what life is all about, why are we truly here? What is the sense of hurry and busyness? Life is what you make it, it could be either sweet and fun, or sad and demanding, something we put a lot of limitations on ourselves and our families, sometimes we try to put a lot of burdens on our selves, what she should be doing, and how our family should look, and how we should dress, and how we should act. But really, who are we trying to impress here? Is it someone else. I read somewhere that no matter what you do, and how you act, there will always be someone to criticize. There is just no way in making every one happy. The only true thing is to make God happy. If we live for Him, then no matter what happens, or what people say, it is truly no that important, when you know you did the will of God. God does not want us to be so busy with every day life, that we don't have time to notice the beautiful sunset, or laugh with your kids, or snuggle with your husband. Yes, I am sure that there are things that need to be done, but sometimes we think that some things just have to be done, we ourselves make the rules, the limitations, the burdens. And then we wonder why we are so unhappy, so worn out, and so bored. God made life beautiful, lets stop the craziness around us, and enjoy a nice time alone with God, with nature, with you little ones, with the love of your life.