Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The child in us.

The sweetness of little kids. No wonder Jesus wanted them brought to him. Kids are innocent, in everything they do. The things they say, or do to embarrass us, sure makes life interesting. The little ones notice everything, the white puffy clouds, the yellow dandelions, the moon coming out early in the summer time, the squirrels jumping on the tree branches. As adults we tend to get too busy to notice the beauty around us.

The other day my almost 5 year old was in the bathroom and I was nursing the little one to sleep, I heard her yelling, "Help, Help, Assistance needed!" It was the first time she said those words, made me worried, what have happened? I quickly left the baby and run into the bathroom, "What happened?" I asked her, "There is a spider on the wall!!!", oh my, I thought she fell from the toilet, or into it?!

My two year old is so lovable.... she likes to kiss, hug, and cuddle. She loves to be held in my arms, and loves to help me wash dishes, with the water dripping all over the kitchen floor...:) The other day she told me she was dreaming about angels... do you think its possible? With their innocent hearts, I believe everything is possible.

My 5 month old is a sweet baby. She grabs a hold of my shirt to hold on to me, and touches my face as she nurses. The way she smiles and laughs brings joy to my heart, even when its only 6 AM.

Jesus wants us to be like children as well, innocent and ready to forgive. To be able to notice the beauty around us, and thank the Creator for it.

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