Monday, January 23, 2012

38 weeks and gardening.

I am 38 weeks pregnant now, wow, how did I reach this date so fast? I will be 39 weeks on Friday, I wonder if according to my dream baby will come on Saturday, the 28th. I guess we can just wait and see. Went to get my NST's done today again. In half hour that I was there, they only spotted one contraction, and I didn't even feel it. The baby's heart beat was perfect like always, but my ob wants to be safe, so that is why they do the NST(fetal non-stress test).

I feel great for being fully pregnant, and full term. Braxton hicks come and go, sometimes I get like 10-15 a day, sometimes less. They are more intense now, not like they used to be, when they first started at week 20.  The girls keep asking me when baby will get here? Only God knows, he sets up birthdays.

I finished packing my hospital bag last night, got the car seat cleaned and ready. I am so excited that my 3 year old is finally fully potty trained. She was my hardest, or longest one to train. Now only my little newborn will need diapers. Huge money saver. So I am ready to go, now just wait and see.

I wonder when I can order my seeds to start growing things for my garden. I have two catalogs that I love to browse through. The first one is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. The second one is Bountiful Gardens. Oh the things we imagine our garden will look like come spring and summer, more beautiful, more lush, with more vegetables, and flowers. I want to plant many different varieties this year. I cant wait! I am also ordering many gardening books from the library on gardening, and other interesting things pertaining to gardening, growing, seeds, compost and others.... so fun!
Here are some of the books I want to own: Creating a Forest Garden, Edible front yard, 
and The complete compost Gardening Guide.

Gardening is so much fun to dream and plan about, especially when it is cold and gray outside. But first things first, which is getting my body ready for a painless blessed birth experience, and praying and hoping for the best one yet!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is for dinner?

Chicken soup!
With carrots, potatoes, green onions, chicken broth, herbs and spices.... it turned out good and healthy for me and the little girls, especially now on this chilly frosty day.
I also love some cayenne pepper that I added in to my bowl. Spiciness agrees with this pregnancy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Start to count the blessings.

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
 ~Ps 9:1

I decided on day 6th of the New Year to start recording or writing down the everyday blessings that I see surrounding me. It is so easy to think that nothing good ever happens to me, no blessings from above, nothing to smile or be joyful about. I guess someone (devil) is really trying to make us blind, deaf and ungrateful to the Lord above, he knows how to steal, how to kill and destroy, so no wonder the joy of every morning is lost so fast in the everyday shuffle of business. Since this was my last day at work, I had to get used to a new routine. A new way of making my way, putting little stops to be thankful, to pray, to sing, to find joy and happiness in the every day.

So what am I thankful for?
1/6/12- on last day at work... Thank you Lord for:

1. cold (37 degree) morning
2. frost on my windshield
3. the darkness of early morning
4. hearing my dad's voice on my cell as I talked to him on my way to work- blessings of technology
5. a hot cup of vanilla latte on my last day to work... yum, I will miss those
6. a dog in the car next to mine, who did not bark or growl, just watched me go :) (i don't really care for dogs-they scare me)
7. happiness that comes from above
8. yummy vanilla cupcakes, with mocha frosting my coworker made for me, so sweet...:)
9. blue baby boy things that were gifted to me by my coworkers
10. being alive and pregnant, 36 weeks today! with no apparent pain or discomfort, some women have all kinds of problems in their last month, or through out their pregnancy, I feel for them.

1st day home.... dont have to get up so early....oh so sweet..:) Thank you Lord:
11. taking early morning walk, fresh air, sunshine
12. making myself and my kids awesome breakfast, sweet rolls with raspberries and strawberries
13. getting to clean and organize my house
14. being able to read and study the bible more, to listen to sermons, and beautiful music
15. getting to know my children again, its hard to do when you work full time...
16. cooking, eating, resting when ever I want or need
17. wondering and praying for baby boy to come.... hoping for a blessed birth experience

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years musings.

You probably heard about putting a theme on a new year, and a lot of people I know, they name their year. Even though the year has barely started but people already feel something in the air in how they feel the year will be. Some people hope for a good year, and they name their year something hopeful. Some say it wont be a good year, "what 2012? it sounds scary," so they name it or put a cloud over it, into possibly having a worry over their life, of not knowing, of being in stress or confusion. Some say that the new year cant bring anything good, with the economy how it is, with the health that they have, or the family problems some have. I always try to be hopeful. A hopeful year, of good beginnings, of good thoughts, of freedom from fear, stress, sadness or despair.

The first day of the year is always exciting and new. We all feel hopeful. But as soon as day four or day eight rolls around, we feel dragged down, tired, and emotional. At least that is how I feel. I pray to God that this would be a good year, but already fear and worry weight me down. I feel sadness engulfing me, surrounding me with blue thoughts, as the fog of everyday worry tends to give me bad dreams. Why is that? I struggle to pray rays of sunshine into my soul. I struggle to pray, period. Maybe this is what my new year will be called, "A year of learning to pray." For I feel like I am not fully committed to prayer, its here one day, lost the next. Maybe that is why the emotions of everyday life make me struggle to breathe, to smile, to love, to be light to this world of darkness.

So here I decided that this year would be a year of learning to pray. I had lots of years, with different names, like "learning to be married', 'learning to love your husband', 'finding happiness in everyday', 'being content in what you have', 'learning to be a mother', 'being a better mother', 'being positive, and less critical', 'learning to read the bible more', 'being a better christian', last year was 'seeking God', and this year will be 'learning to pray'.

I believe this will be a good year. A hopeful year. A year of learning and striving to be above the clouds, to fly like the birds, high above all worry, fear, and doubt. May God guide us into all the right beginnings, and the the right stages of life, where we can grow.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I love a new year. A new beginning, a new page, a new start in life. Every year its the same way, the first week is always exciting with new changes I want to accomplish, new journals I want to start, new things I want to try. Then after a few days the new wears off, and it feels old again, even though it is still new and fresh. The calendar hanging on my wall is brand new, a new planner in my purse... but why does the newness wears off so quick. If I make new years resolutions, I quickly fall back into my old habits. I wonder why I do that?
 This year has passed so quickly. I was busy with my family, working full time, getting pregnant. I felt like I didn't have time for anything, didn't have time to read, or even read my favorite blogs.
This week is my last at work, maybe life will slow down some. But I am due in February, so life with a newborn is never boring or slow, that's for sure.

I wish that this year will be happy, full of sunshine, and love for all of us. We open our doors to all the blessings from heaven, and we will not open them to worry, stress or fear.