Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The reason why.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes something happens that overturns your boat, hold on... there is hope.

My life was pretty easy sailing for a few years, with little waves here and there, that I complained some, of the little things that happen, the little nuisances of life. But when the big tsunami wave came, and covered me wholly, then I felt my way up through the murky waters, trying hard not to drown, trying hard to keep afloat… that's when I really started to understand how smooth and nice my life was before the big wave hit me. I started to realize that everything before was nothing compared to this storm. That’s when I realized that I am being tested by higher powers.

I started to wonder, why this is happening to me, did I do something or say something that I am being punished for? Is it a punishment from God? I keep thinking about it, looking through my life to determine if there is something in it, that does not bring glory to God. I just keep wondering.
Then it comes to me as I cry before God. God loves me so much, he wants to be closer to me, that’s why this is happening, through pain, tears, and hardship our faith is renewed, like a seed that is in the ground we sprout to the sky, lift up our eyes and hands to Him, like petals in the rain. For He is the only one who can help, heal, or hear our cry. After the storm calmed down, I felt stronger, I felt more able to stand, I felt that I could be something for God even though at the moment when I felt the weakest He was the one who carried me,and when I felt most vulnerable, unsure, I relied more on God.

Maybe that was the main reason. A reason to grow more.