Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Broken down tree.

We had some storms pass through the state earlier last year. A lot of trees fell down under the heavy winds.

Its nice to have a hiding place someplace when life gets tough. Its nice to stand strong and not be broken down like this tree, from the winds of life. Even when you cant hide from the storm, its nice to be able to lean on someone. Someone who can hold you up.

My little sister was visiting me, and we took a picture by the broken down tree. Such majestic, powerful tree, but it broke down after the storm, maybe too old to stand tall, or too dry, or just not able to hold on.

Here is another tree, still standing, but one part of it is gone. The tree made it. I wish that I can be like this tree, to stand tall, under the winds and rain of time. Even if a part of me is broken, I can still stand and survive. If I stand and lean on God, then I can survive, alone I am just a shell, just a dead branch, but in Christ I live, I grow, I can hold on even if it gets hard and scary.

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