Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Untill death do us part.

Marriage is two souls united into one. Some times I feel like I am not in tune with my husband, that he doesn’t understand my hearts desires, my hopes, and dreams. Its hard to understand that those hopes and dreams of mine will never come true. In realizing that some hopes of mine are just bubbles in the air, that go up and pop in the slightest breeze, makes me feel sad and sometimes angry. My dear husband gets the brunt of it.

Every girl coming into marriage brings her hopes and dreams into the union, sometimes those dreams are valid, while sometimes they could be foolish or childish. A lot of marriages fall apart due to those childish hopes, dreams, or demands on the wife’s part. Realizing that getting your way in every situation is not realistic or wise. Having a husband who is firm but loving is a blessing indeed.

Sometimes no matter what I still don’t have my way, and in those times my only strength is leaning on Jesus. He does understand me, He is the only one who can carry me through. As I said that sometimes my wishes turn into demands, that my husband doesn’t take easily to, we get into an argument, things get tense and we ignore each other… but the redeeming quality we have is that we cant ignore each other too long. We look into each other eyes, and either smile, giggle, or laugh… then we fall into each others arms and ask forgiveness. But the road to this is a long and rocky one, through many pit falls, and many tears on my part.

I used to cry so much when my husband didn’t understand me, when I though he was unloving, or didn’t behave in a certain way that I thought he should have been behaving. Those years are far behind me now, thank God, but they thought me that every person is his unique self, and shows love in his own way. I believe that each woman will learn in her marriage and grow more wise and understanding toward her husband. So that when her wishes or desires don’t come true, she realizes that her hearts desire is actually submitting to her husband and finding joy in loving Jesus, and being loved by Him in return, with an everlasting, most powerful love than any human can give. In that I find hope, love and patience to go on, to love my husband more, and in return I feel his love increase towards me, as he becomes a more godly man.

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