Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Healthy gut diet.

It is such a hassle to be healthy and to keep your scale happy, right? But according to Brenda Watson, who wrote “Skinny Gut Diet”, it is actually very simple as long as you keep your gut happy. What??? Keep who happy? Yes, by keeping your stomach happy, will make your stomach flat too. How does it work? Very easy, listen up. By eating and drinking foods that have good, beneficial bacteria in it, will make our gut happy.
Here are six reasons why gut bacteria is so amazing:
  1. You lose weight, of course.
  2. You keep the weight off for good.
  3. It helps to reduce digestive distress and will make you regular….. I know right?
  4. It reduces silent inflammation in your body.
  5. It will improve your immune function, yea! Less times to get sick is always great, right?
  6. It will help to reduce depression and anxiety.
This is just an outline, of the basics, which is amazing as is. By eating fermented vegetables, eating lots of salads, and drinking smoothies, kombucha tea, and eating less sugar will get our gut feeling much better, in return helping us to lose weight and keep it off. Sounds good to me, right?
 Healthy lifestyle is a way of life. It is not a diet that you try for a few months, but a way of living that will trigger a healthy lifestyle through out your whole life. It is important to have a healthy start from babyhood, but I know that we are not the ones who choose what our parents feed us, and how we were born into this world. The good news is it is never to late to start being healthy. Even if you are past your early years, into your later years, you are still able to start fresh and start being healthy today.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Do not be afraid.

In our current situation, with corona virus on the loose and politics running wild, we can easily be scared what the future can hold for us. Our life is unpredictable, people get more upset with everything that they are unable to control, like the quarantine, losing their job, not having enough money to pay the bills, with bad health, and soaring prices on everything that them may need to buy. I have some great news for you, there is an amazing insurance policy that everyone can have, and it is free to us. It will not only protect your family, your health, your car, your house, but also it can give you a future.

Our future is set in Jesus, He is our path, our Life, our Light, He will guide us and protect us. He is our Truth and He will set you free. He is love everlasting and He is the one that gives us our future. No matter what happens, we will overcome with Jesus. He is our Lord and Savior.

If you don't know Him personally, you should just ask Him to come to your house, and fill it with peace. He will do that, and much more than what we ask Him for.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Importance of drinking water.

I am sure we all know that water is the best thirst quencher there is. But many times we forget to drink any, or drink other beverages, and only remember to drink water, when the thirst is bad. It is easy to get dehydrated, especially here in hot summer months of California. When dehydrated we can feel tired, have more cravings for sweets, and may get a headache. That's why it is very important to start your day with water, to help not only with thirst, but to prevent other body ailments.

Jesus gives us water to drink too, only it is spiritual water for our soul. It can fill us to the brim with his love and kindness and then we can pour it out on others. If there is nothing to give, then maybe we need that infilling by the Holy Spirit, that provides us with wisdom, guidance, and that special love that only He can give us. We need to drink this water every morning as well, first thing before we start our day, then the day goes right, and we are able to accomplish more, instead of feeling rushed and unprepared, or overwhelmed.

Try not to get dehydrated, physically or spiritually, it can be devastating in both cases.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Myself and motherhood.

Everyone knows that becoming a mother is an amazing experience, I should know, I have 6 children. The only thing no one tells you is that a lot of time, with each child you feel like there is no more of self left, except being a mommy 24 hours/7 days a week. Children bring a lot of joy to us, a lot of challenges, and a lot of pain.
I keep telling myself that with each child, with each stage of their life, it is changing so fast, babyhood, moves into teenagers, into adults, that we are amazed to see how everyone have grown. It is like you wake up one morning and stare at those rowdy teenagers at your breakfast table and wonder where did they come from, because they were just little ones, just not long ago, throwing food on the floor, and spitting, and diaper changing, but now they are grown, and ready to depart for college. Wow, it is amazing how time flies.
If you are going through hard times with your little ones, or big kids, know that everything will pass, and then one day when you are old and gray and only are able to see your grand kids once in awhile, you will remember these rowdy times, these tears and hugs, and know that it was all worth it.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Life is unpredictable.

Last night the wind was howling, the trees were swaying as I was trying to go to sleep, even though the day before it was very warm and sunny. Our life can be very unpredictable, and can change just like the weather unexpectedly.

Sometimes a storm can roll in, or a sudden tornado can bring a lot of damage into our life. The only stable foundation is our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is always present, always there, He is our source of peace and healing.

When I am feeling overwhelmed, I run to Him to get that amazing sweet peace that only He can pour into my soul. Then I am refreshed and can go on with my life

Sunday, May 10, 2020

A long time ago.

It happened many moons back, when I opened my blog. I was super excited about it, and enjoyed writing and keeping up with it. Things happened, like having a few children, moving to a new house, continued to work full time, and somehow the time slipped away from me and the blog was forgotten. Now that I am back, I realized that life can be as busy as can be, but things we like doing still have to be done. It is hard as a mother to find time for my self, I am sure a lot of mothers can vote to that, but needing that special alone time, to write, to garden, to photograph, to create, what ever it may be... we need it a lot.

With corona virus happening this year, we are quarantined here in California and told to protect our selves and our families by staying home. But being cupped up and not able to do the basics that we are used to do, brings a lot of frustrations to life. Frustrations with husband, with children, with the weather, with little things that are driving us crazy, when in previous times, may not even registered with us. But life must go on, spring and summer will not wait for anyone, and I feel that things have to expand and we will learn from this to spread our wings to fly.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Staying Healthy.

It has been over a year now that we started to be more healthy, exercising, and eating more vegetables and fruits. We started making a green smoothie every day for breakfast, and a salad for lunch. Less sugar, less baked goods, and more exercise. We still have a long ways to go, but knowing that you are on the right healthy path is always rewarding. My husband has stopped taking any high blood pressure medication and lost 40 lbs. I lost 10 lbs and feel great when I eat healthy, instead of unhealthy. As soon as I stop eating healthy diet and go back to my unhealthy ways, I feel very tired, sluggish and weak. Thank God, we started when we did, and may God give us wisdom to go on.
We make a banana smoothie, that is very yummy, especially if you have frozen bananas.
Stay healthy! Eat healthy, especially more vegetables and fruits. Pray! God can heal anything.

Healthy gut diet.

It is such a hassle to be healthy and to keep your scale happy, right? But according to Brenda Watson, who wrote “ Skinny Gut Diet”, it...