Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Husband for sale!

A 36 year old white male is for sale. He is hardworking, plays with children, loves to do yard work, easy going, laughs a lot, loves good food, goes to church, is active in church, loves music and beauty, is gentle and kind.

All of those good qualities... I think I will keep him. Not for sale anymore.

Sometimes when marriage is going through some rough spots, we think that we rushed into marriage, that maybe if we waited, we could have got a different, better spouse. But truly, every marriage will go through times of uncertainty, sadness, lonesomeness and struggles. It is just part of life. When we get married to that one special person, and then start to live with our spouse, we tend to rub each other, like rocks, molding into each other, yes, sometimes it hurts, sometimes we rather would quit and not go farther. Mostly we turn out OK, more in love, more in tune with each other, more kinder, knowing each other just a bit more.

Yes, all of us have a lot of negative qualities, but just like the list up top, we do have tons of good qualities as well. If we only make a list of all the good things our spouse has, or does, we wont be disappointed. If your marriage is in trouble, or you feel sad and alone, or if its on the brink of a divorce, and you cant possibly list a single good thing about your spouse, list the things that brought you together in the first place. What attracted you in him, what endeared him to you, what made you fall in love with him in the beginning. Think about those things, and I hope it will be enough for you to stay together, and love each other even more. 

I Pray to God that He will bring us both together again, to love and to cherish till death do us part.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wild plants.

According to the Wikipedia, aloe has about 500 species or so. I have one of those prickly plants... a beautiful wild aloe in my own front yard. It blooms so prettily every spring.
I also have this wild plant, that I think a lot of you have in your yards as well.:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eating is always good.

Cooking from scratch is one of the best ways of serving your loved ones. We all love eating good wholesome home cooked meals but sometimes when life gets a bit too busy, we tend to buy fast food, restaurant meals or from the frozen section of the store.  I hate to buy from fast foods or local restaurants, for sometimes it’s not so healthy for you, or a bit too expensive. It was hard to make a home cooked meal, when I was working full time, and taking care of the house, the garden, kids and a husband, with church duties, and a newborn baby.  I always made something easy, quick and simple. Like fried potatoes with salad, some easy soup- borsht is very easy...:), as well as chicken soup, or baked chicken with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese is a famous staple in our kitchen, as well as spaghetti.

My husband loves soups, so we always have a pot of soup simmering on the stove, especially when it’s still a bit chilly outside.

Lately I found some great food blogs/websites, and not working as of yet, due to the fact that I have given birth recently to a new baby, I tried some new recipes, and loved the results.

I made a chicken/mushroom dish over rice from Natasha's website.

I made a yummy salad with cauliflower. This and the below dessert was from Olga's beautiful blog.

And just today we made a cream cheese bar, with my little girls, it turned out really good, if not counting the fact that my oldest child turned off the oven in the middle of baking the cream cheese bars… well the joy of little ones!
Here is the shelf my husband made for me, for all the cookbooks I have, above my sink.

I love looking through cookbooks, food websites and get new ideas on how to serve a yummy home cooked meal to my family, it is truly a blessing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yes, its Spring.

I believe spring is here. The days are warmer, even though the nights are still cold. My days are filled with little children, tiny seeds, garden dirt, good smelling desserts, trying to keep the house clean and organized. I love spending time outdoors, when the weather is nice and sunny. We went to the local garden park. The flowers are blooming! So beautiful.
God has created everything so beautiful. There are so many varieties of flowers and trees and herbs and grasses. Yes I am truly overwhelmed by Gods creative hand.