Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweetness indeed.

This is what Love can create.....:)

A sweet little person to love, to watch as she grows, sits up, stands up, and takes her first step. God loves it too, when we take our first steps in His direction, and He is so proud of us.

 A lesson for me to learn patience, attachment, and forgeting one self. A sweet child is a gift from heaven for us to train and cherish, and to learn the real meaning of love. For God was the first one who gave his son to us all so we can have eternal life.

A lesson for me to learn what real love is all about giving, holding, cuddling, and kissing her little toes. Because when you give, it comes back to you in abundance.

A lesson that breast feeding doesn't have to end, just because I have to go to work, and that night feedings are special time that only I can give her and that it provides me that special time to touch her little face, her chubby fingers or her soft hair. For which I am eternally thankful to God for giving me this special gift of being able to breastfeed my little baby.  Yes, sweetness indeed.

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