Thursday, January 28, 2010

New day in the city.

The other day I had a doctors appoitment and so I got to sleep in a bit later. Also, I took my five year old to her bus stop so she could drive to school. The weather was still wet and gray, not too much though, since I was still able to take pictures, and my camera didnt get rained on...:)

Isn't she cute?

It's fun to capture how fast she grows.

After my child left for school I went on one of my solitary walks that I love. Those walks dont happen as often as I would like... Maybe something to do with having 3 little girls, a husband, and working full time? I just hope that one of these days I will be able to work part time, or maybe even be a stay at home mommy, so I can get to enjoy more of the things I enjoy doing. Like taking nice long walks. I saw this interesting plant... I am not sure what it is, but is looks like a wild aloe or agave.

And here is a crab apple tree, in its beautiful winter dress...

And some wild country view... in my city.

I am blessed to be able to have these little views into the wild side of nature, even when I live in my big city, of the things that I love.

And here is an old sign that we have of our street, what does it look like from far away?

To me it looks like a cross... especially when you look from this side.

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  1. Great pictures!!!! Your lil girl is beautiful!!!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful walk too. It's neat looking at life through your eyes(In pics)... It's like I took the walk with you. ((hugs))


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