Sunday, May 3, 2009

Please take me away!

I had company for the past few days and I am exhausted. I mean its nice to have company, you get to enjoy different opinions, different views, you see new faces, and just enjoy the companionship of interacting together like a big family. I guess I am not really made to enjoy big company, if they are at my house. I go into this weird zone, where I start doing things and forgetting to finish one as I start another. Where I am in some kind of confusion. Its like the little signals in my head don't come together, they go different directions.

So, we had 4 people come to our house on Friday to eat dinner, and I was still OK. Then on Saturday we had a big get together at our house and we had about 25 people with kids. That's when the confusion started setting in. My mind just doesn't want to function when there is too much noise, kids running around crazy, food to be prepared and served. To top it off my almost 4 month old was cranky. Thank God for my sister in law who helped me, without her I would probably just sit down and start crying. Of course she is the kind of person who makes messes as she helps you, but I can deal with messes. The whole lunch get together went fine, I survived. Its the after 8pm I couldn't deal with anymore. Another bunch of people came in, the noise, the commotion... oh I just don't like it, when there are so so so many people all at the same time. I was afraid that they would all wake up my baby, who I nursed to sleep 3 times already. The kids were loud and since it was raining all day, they had cabin fever, and didn't know what to do with themselves, and my hubby was asking me what we can feed these people who came for a visit. Like 10 more people! I was like well, we don't have anything from lunch, and I guess I can cook up something easy like spaghetti with tomato sauce, and make a salad... but my mind was shutting down. Is that weird or what? I just couldn't function with all the commotion and the craziness. Finally my relatives decided to just order pizza, which was nice. I didn't have to cook. Did you know I am not a fan of cooking large portions of anything? I am not a fan of cooking, period.

Finally the people left. 10:30pm... oh blessed silence. I love it. I love the quiet, the peace, my kids sleeping... no one is waking up the baby, finally I can breathe. Thinking back, I guess I have claustrophobia, or something that resembles it. When there are a lot of people in one small space I get almost ill. I was hopping to go to the ocean today, but the weather has changed and its raining 'cats and dogs', and the wind is very strong. Yes, it is raining here in California in May, wow, so unusual. So, I guess we are not going anywhere, but as long as I don't have any company today I believe I will be fine. Is this a weird feeling that I experience? Am I normal? Maybe I should go talk to my doctor? Maybe, I need company in small doses and far in between?


  1. I don't blame you for feeling that way!! I would too. My husband always likes having people over... your weekend would be his dream come true and I'd be sitting in the bathroom hyperventilating!!
    So if you're abnormal, I am too.

  2. Oh my, talk about being stressed! Its completely normal. I also get like that- even with small amount of company- things just seem out of control, and that we cant seem to handle. We start to think too much, worry too much, and that raises our stress level, and yes, we feel like we are going crazy. Which is not good for the heart. Things that are out of ordinary are stressful for us, and that's why on Saturday you were getting stressed out. I would be too- and sitting in the bathroom does sound like a grand idea, get away from the noise and commotion. It really depends what kind of company you get.


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