Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dont run out of oil!

The world is a scary place sometimes. With all the things we hear on the news. Floods, hurricanes, poor economy, unemployment, people lousing their houses, living in tent cities. The murders, the kidnappings. It makes me really anxious sometimes. These are the tough times of the end of days. I wonder how it was when my grandparents lived? Was it easier to raise kids back then? I remember my grandparents always told me how they never locked their doors and left car keys in the ignition. How it was OK to leave your kids in the car and ran to the store. How it was OK to discipline your kids, and not worry that someone will think you are abusing them and call the child protective services. Lately watching the news and just hearing rumors about the economy falling into a ditch, and that there could be a big flood coming to cover the western states. The possibility of starvation and famine. It makes my heart palpitate. I know we are not to worry about tomorrow, but sometimes I cant help but worry.
I believe these are the last days before Jesus' returns for us. We just need to be prepared for his second coming, to always be ready, to have our lamps lit and full of oil. Not to be asleep.

Some countries don’t have the rich food that we have here in this country. My parents left for United States when I was 11. I was a child and didn’t really know why we had to leave. My dad was looking for a Christian country were he could live in peace and not be prosecuted for being a Christian. I do remember when I was in 4Th grade I was ridiculed because I was a child of Christians. My parents told me that Christian teenagers were given unfair treatment, and couldn't’t apply for college because they would be refused service. Can you believe it? Living here, in this country and being able to finish school, go to college, and have a decent job… is a dream come true. To be able to practice being a Christian, go to church, and not be prosecuted for it, is amazing to my parents and me. A lot of people who moved here from different countries forget why they came here, the freedom is mind-boggling. A lot of teenagers and including their parents don’t even go to church anymore. A lot of them are blaming America for being so liberal so carefree, so peaceful. A lot of them forgot that their grandparents or possibly even parents were prosecuted for being a Christian, was made fun of being one. Oh, how easy it is to forget the bad, and start blaming something else for our mistakes.

Looking around me, I see a lot of married couples getting divorced. A lot of young wives don’t know how to be good, submissive wives. A lot of husbands don’t know how to be leaders in the family. Parents don’t know how to raise their children, and then wonder why their kids are turning out in jail, drunk, abusive to others.

Lately God is troubling my heart and soul a lot, to pray for my kids. To pray constantly, to live a holy life, to prepare my soul for the end of days, to have a big supply of oil on hand, for when the night comes, it will be too late to look for light, too late to look for oil. God doesn’t want us to be unconcerned or unprepared about the future of our children and of about ourselves. Read Matthew 25:1-13, you see I want to be the wise woman like the ones in this story, and not the foolish ones who weren't ready for the bridegroom.

"You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him." Luke 12:40

Are you expecting Him?

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  1. Lena- It is a good reminder to always be ready for our Lord. Thank you!


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