Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random things about me.

1. I am a morning person. I like the morning hours, to be the first one up, the house still sleeping, all quiet, the birds chirping, the air fresh and crisp.

2. I like to drink a cup of coffee with cream and sugar every morning.

3. I like eating all kinds of fruits, there is not a single one I dont like. But I forget to eat them everyday.

4. I hang my bed sheets outside to dry, after I wash them. I like the fresh smell when I fall asleep.

5. I like water. I like to swim. Anywhere. Bathtub, pool, stream, river, lake, ocean.

6. I hate pain. I am proud that I gave birth to two of my girls naturally. :)

7. I love to work outside the home, but would rather stay home and do housework, and be with my kids. (and possibly try homeschooling?)

8. I love nature, God made everything so unique. Even a blade of glass, a bud of a rose, a tiny drop of dew, the drama of clouds and light and darkness.

9. I hate noise. But love the thunder and rain. The wind.

10. I drink tea all day long, even in the hot of summer. There is just something comforting in a cup of hot tea.

11. I love to read, but didn't get to read anything interesting lately. Give me some suggestions. :)

12. I love my kids. Sometimes it hurts how much I love them. My girls are such a blessing to me.

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  1. I wish that I hung my sheets out to dry. Something I always think about doing. But, my crazy dog would probably rip them down and get them all dirty.


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