Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cherish each moment.

Each moment is precious, each moment is timeless. Especialy if it is a good, lovely moment. I tend to think about the bad moments in my life, and from thinking of them I tend to make myself depressed, upset, or angry. Why is it that the bad moments tend to wrap themselves into our minds, and keep coming back to annoy us. I noticed that when I look at the beautiful, lovely, precious moments that surround me, they make the bad memories disapear and make me a happy, peaceful person.

Today is Mothers Day. I hope all of you had a nice day, full of good, happy moments. Today I want to wrap myself in the precious, lovely moments of my life, so when the unpleasant thoughts or experiences come my way I can bring out the beautiful moments in my memory and not let the bad moments influence me or stress me out. Well, at least its worth a try.
Today I will cherish the laughter I shared with my husband.
Today I will cherish the touch of my loved ones.
Today I will enjoy my precious children.

Today I will enjoy the love they share... and all the kisses...

Today I will enjoy the beauty, and forget the ugly...

Today I will enjoy the bloom of a rose, for tomorrow it will wilt and lose its petals...

How do you deal with the unpleasantness of life, the unpredictable, the ugly?

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  1. I love the way you write! Such a way with words to bring out wonderful emotions. How do I deal? Well, there is certainly a lot of ugly in the world and the media doesn't do anywhere near the justice needed to see the small, simple, and blessed in the world. I like to watch my children sleep. There is something so pure and innocent in there peaceful face....ahhh! Mainly, I pray. Our Father in Heaven wants to comfort us just like most fathers on earth. So I pray until I feel better. Sometimes it becomes quite a lengthy prayer.


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