Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am thankful.

I am thankful that it is a Thursday, and its almost over! One more day to work, and then I will be home with my girls for the weekend.

I am thankful today is a beautiful, sunny day... and should be over 90 degrees on Sunday, and we have a brand new, blow-up pool for our kids as a surprise....:)

I am thankful that God loves me, and that I can praise Him even when I am sad.

I am thankful that I am eating a honey cake, with a cream cheese frosting. And drinking... my peppermint tea...(Who said, we all have to be skinny anyway? and no, I am not drinking alcohol, still nursing my 4 month old)

I am thankful that every day it is easier and easier to leave my kids in daycare. The heart doesn't bleed as much.

I am thankful for everyone who reads my blog, and leaves comments for me to read. :))) I love it. It sure helped this week...

What are you thankful for, today?
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