Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The little house in the prairie.

My husband is very handy with his tools. He can put his mind to fix or build anything. Nice to have around the house as he fixes doors that are creaking, changing lights that went out, fixing the toilet, when its not flushing its contents... He fixed the sidewalk made it nice and flat, when a tree root uprooted it. He changes tires, changes oil, fixes car doors. I am telling you- anything that is not working or broken he can fix. Well, there was one things he was unable to fix. Last week Ariana, my oldest was watching a video. (Yes a video, not a DVD) It got stuck inside and we couldn't get it out, the whole video player crushed. Listen to this conversation when my husband came home.

'Daddy can I talk to you?'

'Sure, whats going on?'

'Daddy you are so smart!'

'Well thank you Ariana, that's very sweet of you.'

'Daddy, you can fix anything!'

'OK', he is laughing now..

'Can you fix the video player, its not working', as she gives him her sweetest smile....

I can see my little girl in the future smiling at some boy, and telling him how strong he is and that he can carry anything.. 'Please, carry my books for me?' as she sweetly smiles at him.

That's the only thing my hubby couldn't fix. He took the video player apart, put it back together, and nope still not working.
Here, he decided to build our girls a little house. He got all his supplies....

The little house in the prairie is Here!!!!

The girls love it. I still need to put some little curtains in it, to make it more homey.


  1. ah, I love this post! Its so cute, and so real, the life at your house, what goes on...
    I love the end result of the house- adorable :)

  2. Visiting from Samantha's blog (berryblessed). I was JUST telling my husband an hour ago that I can't wait to get settled in our next house (we'll likely move in a year or so) and that I want him to build something like this for the girls. It is so so so precious!

    Did he use a kit or is he just handy? It really really looks great. Makes me all excited! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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