Monday, April 20, 2009

Honey and The Bee.

My kids love drinking tea with some honey to sweeten it. If I let them they would probably eat it with spoonfuls out of a jar, and not think twice about it. I tell myself that well it is better then sugar. Honey has a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It promotes energy and healing. It is a natural antiseptic and makes a good salve for burns or wounds. I only give it to my kids in their tea or their oatmeal instead of sugar.

Yesterday we went to the lake with all the little kids, and my husband was wistfully remembering when we just got married and had no children, how nice it was just to go places just the two of us, and not bring the whole brood and all the attachments(like toys, extra clothes, stroller, ear plugs..). We love our 3 little girls and all the excitement they bring, the questions, the wonder, but its nice to remember when it was just the two of us. The lake was beautiful, more water in it, than last year. The girls wanted to play by the water, so my husband took them down to the sand, as I stayed back to nurse my little infant to sleep. After a little while we switched places, and I went down, while my hubby stayed with the sleeping infant. The girls were sitting by the water, all wet and sand all over themselves. "What were you doing I asked them in amazement?" "We are playing..", as they threw sand all over themselves and into the water. I took of my sandals to enjoy the sand as well, and as I was walking around the little shore, I experienced a very sharp pain in my heel, I though that I stepped on a piece of glass. Looking down I noticed a bee on my heel, which I shook off, and saw the little stinger that the bee inserted into my heel.. Poor thing I thought, she stings me and then she dies, for no bee can live without her stinger. Good thing it was me, and not my husband who is allergic to bee stings, and would probably developed a bad reaction.

The day went very nicely, if not counting the bee sting, the girls had so much fun, with the sand and water, running on the grass, and throwing Frisbees. On our way home I had to explain to my 4 year old, why and how the bee stung me, a few times at least. After a long day they were ready for bed earlier then usual, and again I had to repeat the story of how the bee stung my heel and why did she do it. I don't really know why she did it, do you?? Maybe she was scared of my big heavy foot landing on her tiny little body?

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  1. But a strong marriage will result in more alone time when they are gone. Don't we just have to learn to be content in our given situation and not wish for soemthing else? It can be hard I very much look forward to time alone with my husband. ESPECIALLY since i hardly get "real" dates...outside the home.

    I won a blog contest makeover and that is why my blog looks so good. I take no credit whatsoever. She is amazing!


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