Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 Things I Love About Being A Mother.

Motherhood, what wonder! It is hard to be a mother, its the hardest job ever, and sometimes we forget that there are the good things about being a mother that we love. When I think about the things I love on being a mother it all makes perfect sense, and somehow its much easier to be the mother I want to be.
1. I love being pregnant, with all its symptoms, the secret feeling of knowing you have a beginning of a life inside you, the first movement of a little foot, the first glance at a sweet face, the wonder of your baby forming, the trill of seeing her sweet face for the first time, the birth (well maybe not that part), and holding them for the first time with their flailing arms, the sweet smell of a new baby, to cuddle that soft cheek to yourself, and to know that this is your baby. What a miracle!
2. I love seeing my children grow, how they change, with all the first things they do, the first smile, the first giggle, the first tooth, their little chubby hands in their mouths, when they learn to sit, to stand, to walk. The wonder in their faces when they see something new and exciting. The first words they say, the first songs they sing. The smart, cute things they say, that makes you laugh. The faces they make when they try a new food. Its a wonderful time.
3. I love nursing my little ones. When I was first pregnant, I didn't think I would enjoy this thing called breastfeeding, but knowing the benefits of it, I tried, and it wasn't that bad, in fact it was beautiful and it is the best thing you can give your baby at any time. Its their food, their comfort, their love, their hiding place from the big scary world. Its you there for your baby.
4. I love this feeling for my child I have, this huge love, more than anything I ever felt, it is much more then our love for our husbands, or parents, or anyone else, its not compared to anything you may love. It is amazing, when we have a child, that's when we first realize how sweet love is and how God must love us, with all the faults we have.
5. I love being a mother to my girls, the mothering, the book reading, the playtime, the tickling, the kissing, the sweet little arms hugging you, how they want to climb on your lap, the eyes that stare at you with trust and wonder...its the best thing ever!

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