Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Afraid or Cautious?

I was watching ‘amazing race’ episode, the other day in which one lady was afraid of the water. She was afraid to swim, and my oldest daughter Ariana, who is 4 years old asked me why was she afraid? I explained to her that some people are afraid of water, some are afraid of heights, some are afraid of animals, or other things. I told her, you should never be afraid of anything because Jesus will keep you safe. We have to be brave, strong, and always try new things, and not be afraid of anything.

Ariana, is a cautious child, she likes to be safe. She holds my hand everywhere we go, and makes sure I am watching her when she is in the front yard watering her flowers. If she sees a car a mile away she wants to make sure everyone are on the farthest side of a sidewalk, from the road. She doesn’t like strangers, doesn’t like old men with beards. Even since she was a baby she always was on the safe, cautious side, never taking candy from strangers, unless I took from them first and gave it to her. She was nervous about riding her little tricycle down a slight hill, where all her other friends rode, finally she got enough courage to go down, but used her feet as brakes just to be on the safe side. She doesn’t care to go high on the swings. Nice and easy for her. My husband got a new swing set installed in our yard, and she was a bit nervous about using it at first. Today I watched her swing hard on it and she told me that she is not afraid to use it since Jesus is keeping her safe. Wow. I am proud of my little girl.

Don’t get me wrong, she does a lot of brave things, like climbing trees, killing mosquitoes, bees and other bugs. She loves to race and jump. She is very brave just on the cautious side.

You are my firstborn, my sensitive soul
You are my crybaby, the kissable sort
My picky eater, loves her sweets
You like to imagine of lands far away
Of beautiful princesses, fairies, and castles
You like to wear dresses, hair blowing wild
Climbing the trees, and sitting all quiet
In church you sing songs just like at home
Loud and clear to a beat all your own
You love pretty music, to sing and to dance
To dance like the whirlwind all over the place
To run in the wind, and have sun in your face.
I love your mind, the questions you ask,
The statements you make- can blow our brains away.
I love you my child, and cherish each moment with you.

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  1. I have some less brave ones too. Cautious...afraid...both?


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