Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A reflection of my soul.

Today is The official Groundhogs day, I heard that we are to have 6 more weeks of winter. Lucky us, huh? For the past few days we had some sunshine which I was so happy to soak into my system. I loved the blue skies.... I took some pictures of the blue sky. Can you see it?
Ha ha, did I get a laugh from you? Or are you rolling your eyes?

This is how we are as people too, we tend to reflect what we see, feel and take in. There could be a blue sky reflecting in us, or the water is murky and nothing is there except the brown interior. I know that we are not a puddle of rain water, but water is life, and we need water to live as well. Water for the soul. Is your soul thirsty? Will your soul reflect the sky up ahead?
I wonder what will my soul reflect to others. I hope it will have a glimpse of the blue sky.

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  1. Oh dear . . . I was avoiding that groundhog. You did make the most of those mud puddles with your beautiful pictures and post, though. Very lovely blog. Thanks for visiting today.


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