Sunday, February 14, 2010

It smells like spring...!

It feels like spring today! The sky is blue, the air is fresh, the buds are forming on trees, ready to bloom as soon as it warms up even more. Yes, it sure feels like spring here in CA. The past few weeks I was looking through catalogs... so I could order seeds, and flowers, so I can start to garden.
I got my first seed packets in the mail.... I love them.

Yes, I am funny like that. I love seeds, dirt, and planting the seeds in the ground, so then in the summer I get to enjoy a big home grown harvest. This year I got a lot more variety of different seeds. Now I will start to prep my garden, different places that are for different types of plants.

Here is the space in front of my house, where a yellow rose bush is growing, and around the bush I want to plant all kinds of flowers, some of them will be zinnias, and coreopsis. Earlier in the day I took my girls on a walk, and we saw this pretty bush with amazing pink flowers.

A beautiful gift for Valentine's Day from God himself.

My own flowers are growing fast too.

I love the green-blue background on these pictures. Adorable, isnt?
Well, I hope you had a wonderful week, and that you can smell the spring in the air as well. :)

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  1. Can you please come to my house and start my garden too?? Thanks!!
    ... but you can wait a few months for the snow to melt.


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