Thursday, February 4, 2010

Capture faces.

I am joining Beth from I should be folding laundry in Capture the World. Todays photo assigment is to capture faces. I love my little childrens faces.
My own little chubby monkey. I love her soft little cheeks...
Look at her sucking on her thumb...
She was a bit irritated with me at this time, her eyebrows tell a story...:)
My middle child... isnt she cute?
My first born... such a little poser.


  1. funny how eyebrows do that, isn't it? too funny! sweet girls :)

    i have a face shot posted, too. feel free to come over and visit anytime :)

  2. Wow. Your girls are SO precious! I loved all of your pictures of their angelic little faces. What sweeties! : )

  3. They al look so much alike! What beauties:)


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