Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flower romance.

I see romance in every petal, in every blooming branch.

Last year was my first year that I actually had my own yard, and was able to plant flowers. I cant wait until spring so I can plant a lot more this year. I believe I am getting the winter blues, with all this rain we are having, and no sunshine.... but I am happy to see that next week is the first of March!! Yay!

Some of the trees has shown the first glimpses of spring. It reminds me of weddings and romance and kisses.... and love. No wonder God is love, He sure created everything lovely.
Does it reminds you of a wedding? I guess if you got married in winter, it probably doesn’t remind you... But to me, spring is love. I could spend hours wandering through a botanical garden, flower park, or some wild woods, where beauty lives.

Here are my daughters, human flowers in my eyes. Enjoying the first flowers of spring, a golden dandelion.
But this last one is my favorite.... the most romantic flower! Yes, I know that a rose is very romantic, but this is different.....:) This is spring romance!!

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