Monday, October 5, 2009

Listen to your heart.

Last week I felt a coworker’s sadness. I thought he was going through something personal. His usual nature is an outgoing, always joking personality. So when he was quiet and withdrawn I noticed but wasn’t sure what was happening. My heart told me to pray for him. I did, but I could have done a better job of it.

Sometimes we don’t know what someone is going through; don’t have the compassion, or the caring. Someone is hurting; someone is going through a hard- dark time. Sometimes we are so wrapped in our selves that we don’t feel others hurt.

Today I found out that my coworker’s father passed away. He was very close to him. So sad makes me want to cry.

This sure is teaching me a lesson. When I see someone hurting, I need to offer my help or support. I need to pray with my whole heart for God to comfort them when they are going through hard times. I need to listen to my heart, sometimes it feels more than our minds may know.

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