Thursday, October 8, 2009

Abundance of joy.

Finding joy in my everyday life could be a challenge sometimes. I look for it everywhere I go, in everything I do. Today I found it in the warm sunshine, the fresh breeze, in the tiny, green-blue dragonfly that was flying in the nearby bushes-where I parked my car at lunch. I found joy in listening to a beautiful song... in a newborn's baby sweet face.

I tried looking for joy after work, when I had my sink full of dirty dishes, my house in a mess, with toys all over the floor. Its an amazing accomplishment if you can find joy in everyday life, in the lowliest time, in the busiest hour. Finding joy is a daily task we should strive to live by, because to live your life in a constant fear, unhappiness, or waiting for a better period in your life to happen, is a waste of precious time. Time will not come back, your life will not repeat itself. This is the life that you are living in now, this is the only time you can be decide to be happy. There were periods of my life where I was waiting for better things to happen to me, before I decided I could be happy. A better, bigger house. A nicer car, being a stay at home mother. Now I live in a better bigger house, I have a nice car, but did my outlook on life change? Am I happy? Do I find joy in my everyday life? I try. I choose to live in joy and be happy no matter the circumstances. No matter what is going on in my life, no matter what health problems I have, no matter the family issues I may be having. I don’t say its easy, in fact it could be a struggle everyday, but the main step is choosing to let yourself be happy no matter what....

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