Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Food for the soul.

It is very important for Christians to study God's word, the bible. Its like bread to a starving soul. Our soul needs food to stay alive and be strong. To eat once a week at church is not sufficient for anyone to survive. Would you survive if you ate once a week at a buffet, and starved yourself the rest of the week? Of course not, and it is the same with reading Gods word. The most simple thing to do is just to start reading from the beginning of the old testament, and the beginning of the new testament, that way you get the new and the old at the same time. This is the most trusted way I enjoy reading my bible. Also you can invest in an study guide, which could turn into a lot of interesting, and simple ways of learning about the bible.

I am trying to find a way in how to read the bible from Genesis to Revelations in a year. I tried for a few years now, but the most I can finish is like 10 books. And its not because I am a slow reader, its more like a distractive reader. I start with Genesis, then after a little while I get bored, and jump to Psalms, after that I start Mathew, and go to the Romans… Don’t get me wrong, I love the bible. it’s the best book there is for inspiration, for guidance, and its an amazing living word from God.

There are so many ways people study their bibles, so many different study guides. As many as there are Christians, there is as many courses and one would be just the right one you can use. In trying different ones, I get to read a lot of the bible in a more interesting way. One of these days I will get to finish the bible in a year, but really its not how fast you finish, or how much you read in a day, its how much you take to your heart and how much of what you read you implemented to your life.

I always wonder how others read their bibles, how they navigate through the whole book. I know it’s a personal experience and it’s a spiritual journey for every Christian who wants to grow in the Lord and a personal way of feeding your soul. I wish you an awesome experience in getting to know the Lord.

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