Monday, October 19, 2009

Going shopping with wild animals...

I went to Target with my two oldest girls on Sunday. They like to shop and were running around like a bunch of wild animals. Then they made fun of the bras that were hanging in the lingerie department, laughing hysterically and pointing, while I was looking at some bras and panties. So I bought a new camisole and new underwear for myself. :) Also I bought a hat, a skirt and new pjs for ariana. When we got home ariana started to try things on. She put on my underwear, my camisole over her pj, and her hat and walked around like she was some kind of a gangster, a bag lady or I don’t even know... it was funny and awful...I wanted to scold her but it was too funny, but seriously where do they get their silly ideas from I have no clue…

Sometimes we need to be like children, to enjoy the moment, to laugh about little things that are funny. So smile and watch how funny our children can be.

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  1. I enjoyed this peek into your family's silliness. Yesterday, on Moonboat I posted about my silly writing habits. The thing I love about blogs is that I feel like I am getting to know people.

    BTW, the sunglasses rock.


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