Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall is in the air...

It smells like fall now, the dry yellow leaves and grasses. We went to the apple orchard and the smell was delicious... apples, pumpkins, grapes. The smell of warm cider and apple pie... The vineyards we drove by had the leaves turning red. This is my best time of the year.

Came home late after taking pictures at the pumpkin patch, riding the horses, eating lunch, sitting by the pond watching birds and geese, went to the organic apple orchard where we picked some apples and walked through a flower patch. The kids were tired and cranky on our ride home, and after the first mile the little ones fell asleep.

I will have to post some pictures later when I get some, since I don’t own a digital camera yet, and it takes awhile to develop film. Now I still need to finish laundry and finish cleaning my kitchen... and then I will join my girls in the land on dreams.... :)

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