Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let the light shine...

I am driving to work in heavy traffic, people try to cut in front of me, I let them… I am called to be gentle not aggressive, even in my driving. There are so many people who are not gentle, who are rude, mean, or bitter. We as Christians should be able to shine the light, to show Jesus in our life. To shine through the love we have for him. It’s hard to do that when you don’t have the love of god in your soul; it’s hard to bring something you don’t feel. To give something you don’t have to give.

God gives us joy, love, peace and a place to rest our weary souls in our daily walk of life. He is here for me and for you so we can be here for others and afterwards we can spread it to all and show them our light that comes from within.

So let the light shine forth from our face and heart, into others. When we are driving, when we are taking a walk, when we are cooking and our little ones are distracting us, and when we just don’t agree with our husband… let the light of Jesus shine through.

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