Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer fun, sun, and no rain.

The heat of summer is here... the sweltering sun, the dry, still air, the light blue sky without a hint of rain. Living here in California, its very rare that a raindrop will fall in the summertime months. My mother lives in Missouri, and always tells me how they have rain on and off. Which is so nice, I am jealous. I love rain, always loved it, especially now when its such a rare treat.

Today we drove to the cherry orchards, thinking it would be cooler there. It was nice to be in the shade, hiding from the heat. We had lunch at taco bell, I know not very healthy, and then we had vanilla, chocolate ice cream, with fudge, caramel and toasted nuts! I nursed the baby to sleep and we drove home..

Next weekend my oldest child will be 5 years old!!! She will go to kindergarten at the end of august. Where did the time go? I just gave birth to her... breast-fed her, and now she is ready for school? It sure is scary, more for me than for her, I am sure. But still, what if she has mean students, or a bad teacher, or what if she doesn't like it? Can I take her out? My second one is ready for school too, and she is only 2...! Whew! At least with her I don't have to think about it for another 3 years...

Life sure goes fast, looking back, I see myself as a bride, getting married... it will be 10 years since I got married, next year in May... so fast. Now I have a family, a husband, and three little girls that call me Mommy! Wow. In ten years I will look at my already 15 year old... and say where did the time go? I wonder what the next ten years will bring to us. I am sure the troubles and struggles will never cease, but I do hope we have a lot of happiness, laughter and wonderful memories.

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