Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayer and dirt...

Some pictures of my onions and potatoes! Its wonderful to grow my own things, soon I can pull out my potatoes, I wonder how they will look. This is my first crop ever, I will have some pictures of my tomatoes, and cucumbers later.

I decided to do something new. I usually remember to pray to God when I am getting ready for my bed at night. The kids are asleep, the baby is making sweet sleeping sounds, I am all alone, and I realize that I haven't prayed today, haven't talked to my Lord today... I feel guilty, I feel sad, I feel like I missed him, so I quickly say a prayer, before my heavy lids close shut, and I fall into the land of dreams. And every night before I fall asleep I promise myself that I will do better tomorrow. So, today after I got ready for work, I started keeping track of what time I remembered to pray, and instead of waiting to do so at a later time I did it right then. Yep, even if I was on the phone, in an office, in front of my coworkers, I would close my eyes for a few seconds and pray for my family, for my self, for the people surrounding me. I felt so much better at the end of today, looking at all the times I actually remembered to pray.

When I got home, my husband was watering the backyard, the sprinklers were on. The girls were running around in their underwear, splashing in the puddles. '
'Come and join us, mommy', as I did walking through the wet grass, soft brown dirt squishing through my toes. The earth was soft and warm, the water cold, it was delightful. I don't remember when it was the last time I ran through the wet, warm, soft dirt....We as adults tend to think we are far above that. Don't we?

The more we pray the more softer our heart gets, like warm- soft dirt, so God can plant something in our heart, and it will bring forth fruit.

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