Friday, June 26, 2009

ugly cancer

My friends husband was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in march of this year. He went through chemo and radiation, and got it to shrink in size. Yesterday they were going to do surgery to remove a part of esophagus and pull up his stomach and reconect it with the remaining esophagus. today I saw my friend she looked devasted, they coundnt do the surgery, the cancer spread. She started to cry, I started to cry... Oh, my Lord please help her. Please heal him, please provide a miracle. Now I am so- so sad. Its like the world ceases to exist, only my friend remains and her hubby... what else can I do?? I can be there for her.. I can help her in any way I can. Please pray for my friend, please come before the Lord and ask God to step in and help this family... thank you.

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  1. I'm so sorry to read about this.

    You and your friend may find comfort in my husband's blog, which he wrote during his first wife's journey with pancreatic cancer. He relied completely on his faith to get him through it and beyond. He wrote about his struggles, his family, and how God brought him through it. It truly is inspiring. No matter what the outcome may be for your friend's husband, God is faithful! This message really comes through in his blog. Here is the address if you are interested:

    By the way...the profile picture on this blog is actually of Vince and I, not his first wife. He has a new blog and we can't figure out how to have his profile pic on the new blog and not the old one! But there are other pictures of his first wife throughout the blog.

    As far as how to support your friend, just be there for her. Look up the song by Casting Crowns called "Love Them Like Jesus".



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