Sunday, June 28, 2009

A prayer...

Dear Lord,

Help me to be a good, faithful friend to those in need. Help me see what others are going through and not be blind only by my needs. Give me wisdom in what to say to someone who is going through a though time in her faith, help her not fall from You in her faith, not to get deceived by certain books that twist the meaning of the bible. Give me words to encourage my husband not to give up, when he gets tired in his daily walk with the Lord, and all his struggles. Let me experience the moments with my children, to use them to teach, to love and to guide them, and not waste a single precious moment. Show me your me not to stumble.. light my lantern, fill me with the holy spirit, let me shine for others, so I can bring praise to your name.



  1. Lena: I really am enjoying your blog. Your posts are so uplifting and encouraging. Thank your for the privilege to read! Blessings for a wonderful week!

  2. Lena,

    Beautiful prayer, friend. I prayed it with as I read along. So many truths tucked in there.



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