Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My trip to Oregon

I am back from my little family vacation. I went to see my sister in Oregon, and then we took a little drive with all my 3 girls down to the ocean, where the kids played in the sand, I took pictures, amazed by the awesome beauty of water, rocks, sand, waves, seagulls, and seashells. The kids played with their beach balls, filled buckets with sand, built slouching sand castles, and run scared from the crushing waves. The drive to Oregon where green forest-filled mountains rise. Where everything is green and wet. Where the sky is always changing with clouds, and sunshine is a rare gift. It was so beautiful. I always knew I loved the mountains, but this trip really installed it in me.

It was nice to see all my relatives and friends. My cousin got married to a beautiful bride. The wedding was lovely, my aunt cried giving her firstborn son away to marriage. Even I got emotional imagining my little girl growing up and being a bride. How scary!

Driving back home to California was exhausting, the kids were tired and cranky. At first California looked yellow and flat compared to Oregon, but then the orchards of olive trees, orange trees, and cherry trees made everything lovely again. We passed through vineyards, through fields of sunflowers, and fields of corn.
I am glad to be home now. To rest and sleep in my own comfy bed. Glad not to be sharring my bedroom with my kids, except the baby who is still a nursing infant. :))

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  1. There you are!! :) Welcome home, I'm glad you had a nice trip!


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