Sunday, June 28, 2009


What is summer to you?

Here it is very hot, and to me summer is water, water, and more water. Today we got a heat wave passing through the city. Outside it is a smoldering, melting 108F... We took the kids to the lake earlier in the day, the water was warm near the shore, and only in the deeper parts it was colder.

How do people stay cool in this heat? Well, we drink lots of water, eat cold watermelon, and lots of ice cream. I try to cook only early in the morning or late evening, and during the day we eat sandwiches, salads, and lots of fruit.

To enjoy summer we do lots of fun things with the kids, take them to water parks, lakes, and rivers. Every season brings something special to us, so what does summer means to you?


  1. Wow 108?! Sheesh, and my mom wants me to move to Sacramento! I hate to admit it, but when it's that hot, we mostly just stay inside. Thanks for the prayers ♥

  2. 108? Oh my.
    We've had a couple cool, cloudy days here, but last week was hot and beautiful (not hot like you...) We spent time splashing in our inflatable pool, running through the sprinkler, playing on the slip and slide, eating ice cream and popsicles, and then hiding out in the basement when the house started getting too warm. I love summer!

    PS - cute pictures!


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