Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am never alone.

I need the opportunity to free my mind of sorrow, personal concerns; to see my world through the mirrored reflection of holiness. I need a time of prayer to leap beyond what is limiting in me as a person, to rediscover what is important and what is trivial, to take counsel with what my tradition stresses as the living faith. I need prayer.
Albert Silverman
I love the saying above... so true. We all need a lot of prayer. Someone may need it more, and someone needs it less. When I close my eyes and pray the mind is free to concentrate only on reaching God. To experience God, to hear his gentle voice. My mind releases all the stress from the busy and hectic day. I let him carry me away to holy ground, where no one can reach me or touch me. I am alone with him, I can tell him all my pain, my sorrow, my worries, all the complaining that I kept inside me too long. In releasing all of it, I am free from everything except the gentle, healing touch of the holy spirit. Now I can go farther, I am replenished, my batteries are recharged. I can sleep easily, I know that I am not alone. He holds my hand. He holds my children, and I am never alone.

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