Monday, September 21, 2009

1000 gifts from up above.

I am thankful today for all the beautiful things I see and the lovely christian music I get to listen to on the radio.

I am alive... I live today, I get to see and hear and breathe... its better to be alive than dead.

I am thankful that I am married to my friend and sweetheart. Its better to be married than to be all alone.

Thankful for my three precious girls. Wonderful blessings for me to enjoy and train for the kingdom of God.

The loveliness that surrounds me when I go on vacation: sunshine, ocean, fresh breeze, sand under nit my toes.
The not so lovely things that surround me in my everyday life: the noise of the busy city, the hot dry air, the traffic, the huge garbage trucks early in the morning picking up the trash and the constantly barking dog in my neighbors yard.

I am thankful for the sunshine which is Jesus that warms my soul, who hears my every prayer, and wipes every tear away. Thank you Lord for the gifts from up above.
I am joining Ann @ Holy experience to start counting my blessings.
holy experience


  1. I showed my husband your blog and he laughed with delight when he saw the pictures of your three princesses -- just like I did!

    I am thankful for blogging friends like you.


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