Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going to the dentist could be a chance to pray!

I had a root canal done today by an endoscopic dentist. My regular dentist tried to do the procedure a few weeks before, and after working on my tooth for over an hour, gave up, stating that the root was too deep, and he was unable to finish it properly and referred me to a specialist.
At first they did an x-ray to see my tooth, and after that a young dentist came in, to ask me if I knew that my dentist left a piece of metal string in my root from few weeks ago? At my look of horror he went to explain that he will try to get it out, and hopefully he will not need to do a surgery to remove it.

After getting a few shots to numb the area, he started the procedure.
It took forever… my feet started to tingle from laying in a semi-reclined position, with my head lower then my whole body. My head got really sore from laying on the hard chair… I had to go to the bathroom like really bad, as the dentist kept on working on my tooth. He took about an hour to do the procedure, and then an hour trying to get the piece of equipment out.

I was scared that he would never get it out and I will have to have surgery… I started to pray…. Please lord help him find it, help him pull it out. Please, please…. I just got more anxious, as I prayed in my head…. Then I started to praise Him and that calmed me down.

In the time of trouble when you praise Him, its like you confirm that He can hear you and that He will do what you ask him, and not only that… but He holds the answer in his hands, and which ever way things happen its for the best. But still the dentist is struggling to get it out and my prayer is not effective. Then I remembered that God doesn’t listen to sinners. I started to repent my sins, and five seconds after I finished repenting in my head.. the dentist pulled a piece of metal string out, and my prayer got answered!!

Our God does hear prayers, he does do miracles. Yes! He can hear me. Thank you Lord.

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