Thursday, December 31, 2009

Funny little sayings.

Here are some of the funny things my kids said in the past year that made me giggle in laughter, or open my mouths wide in astonishment.

Odelia: When I grow up and be like mommy, I will sleep with daddy.

Ariana: For Christmas I want a new white car so I can drive and a real baby!

Odelia: I had a dream with angels and they were wearing red dresses.

Ariana: mommy come here, I need you now! Don’t argue with me! (Its funny how they pick up on certain phrases.)

Odelia: I want tea with honey in it, because it’s healthy for you!

Ariana: (she saw a spider on the wall, in the bathroom) Help, Help, I need help here urgently!!! Please save me! (I thought she fell into the bathroom or something, as I heard her screams.)

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