Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain on a dark night.

The night is dark, wet and cold.. the wind and the rain are coming down hard. I am home with my girls alone, as my husband stayed late at the church function. When I was younger and just married, when I had no children, I always complained if my husband had to be away, and I had to stay by myself. But now, with having little ones to keep me busy, I dont get lonesome anymore, there just always something to do, to read, to entartain ourselves. Maybe when the children are all grown, maybe then I will feel lonesome again. Or maybe not? Not if I have Jesus to keep me company, right? :)

This is a nice weather to stay home by the fireplace and enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. Too bad I have no idea how to turn my gas fireplace on...  :D

My front porch is all soaked, the water has no where to go, and the earth is waiting for it to stop raining.

The water we are getting here in California is actually good for us. We get such dry summers that every drop is a blessing to us. So the more rain the better. And then when we get rain here in the valley, the mountains get snow... and I love snow. The girls love it too, so it means that in the next few weeks we will drive to the nearest mountains and let us all enjoy and play in the snow... and take pictures ofcourse...:)

Todays scripture that I love is: Your faith has saved you; go in peace. {Luke 7:50}

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