Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thinking Christmas in our hearts.

Every day we start by having Christmas in our hearts. We wake up and pray to God, we thank Him for sending Jesus to us, for his amazing love for us all, for dying for our sins. We listen to Christmas songs, we try to do a lot of winter things, like going to see the singing Christmas tree, buying presents and going to church, especially on Christmas service, cooking and a lot of baking. My plan this year is to take the girls ice scating, to the snow, and to enjoy other winter functions.

This is when we went to see the singing Christmas tree. Very entartaining, the girls loved it.

Looking for presents undernit the tree... where are they?

Decorating my house in subtle, simple decorations.

The three angels in my bedroom.

My own three little angels, sitting pretty for mommy.

And the three little angels in my girls room.

I hope your Christmas season is going well, simple, and I hope you are having a beautiful, joyful time.

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  1. Thank you Lena I hope the same for you, I am encouraged by this post, some days I miss the thankful part of it. Blessings


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