Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shall we all just follow each other??

A person can accumulate immense knowledge and still lack wisdom. Wisdom requires compassion, justice, humility, and spiritual discernment.

The second day of school went by really well, not counting the second bus fiasco…:) Ariana got on the bus in the morning, after me talking to her about it the previous night. As soon as I put her on the bus, I ran to my car and drove to school to see how she is did on the bus. Getting there a few minutes after the bus did, I saw kindergarten kids but no Ariana, I went to the class, she was not there, I asked Mrs. B, her teacher, and she told me that she was probably with the class on the playground, I went there, and nope she is not there. So here we are running around looking for her, where could she be? The bus is empty… Finally I spot her following some 4Th graders down a pathway… talk about feeling relieved! Apparently after getting off the bus, she started to follow the group of kids not knowing where she was supposed have went… Yeah! Hey, good thing I was there, and I hope this fiasco will not happen again… I will probably start getting gray hair pretty soon, and start taking sleeping pills, to make me sleep, since I have insomnia from stressing about my 5 year old getting on the bus, and then actually knowing where she is supposed to go… whew! What a day...
I am happy that there was no lasting impression with my daughter about following the 4Th graders, and she enjoyed her 2ND day of school. Singing, clapping hands, laughing at something funny the teacher did, playing on the playground, and walking single file into the cafeteria for their daily snack...:)
Well, I hope tomorrow, day #3 will be better.


  1. Poor little thing. What a good mama you are to follow her to school. Believe or not, i know people who wouldnt.

  2. I love that you followed the bus to school. I would have done the same thing and then totally panicked too. Hilarious.

  3. Lucky girl, to have a mama like you.


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