Sunday, August 16, 2009

I had a dream....

The road was narrow and steep... up the hill, higher and higher it went.
I was struggling with the closeness of the rocky tunnel, the darkness,
the claustrophobic feeling of being closed in. The suffocating, heavy
feeling in my chest increased as the darkness tries to swallow me whole,
I can't see. I look up and there high above, is the sun streaming in,
the warmth is sipping in. I reach up my hand and grab the sunshine, the
bright light. I hold on to it, so the darkness can not fill me, can not
scare me. I can walk the narrow road now, I am holding on to the light.
I can finish the dark, claustrophobic tunnel of pain and confusion,
because The Light is guiding me higher to the end of this road. I am
out, I am free, I am alive. The sunshine engulfs me, fills me with
warmth, love and happiness. I can see whats around me now. My road is
not totally clear of the suffocating dark tunnels in the future, but as
long as I hold on to the light I will survive. If your road is dark,
know that there is light if you look up.. It is there ahead.

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