Friday, August 28, 2009

I am happy its friday, and You?

The sun is saying goodbye, the clouds are filled with light pink cotton candy. The day is almost gone... Friday night, the candles are lit, the dinner is cooked, the kids took their baths, the table set for celebration... the first week of school has ended with no additional troubles...:) My little 5 year old is a happy kindergartener, wakes up at 7:30am willingly, gets dressed and off to the bus stop she goes... comes home full of bubbly energy, full of stories, of the things they did, and the words she learned.

The tiredness lays on my shoulders, time to rest... to sit down, close the blinds, wrap the kids into a hug, and tell them a bible story... Read the bible as a family, sing songs, spread love and happiness. Giggles and kisses.... Time to relax, time as a family, a time to stop and rest.... To revere in God, in his love.

My cup is full... and I drink my tea....

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