Friday, August 21, 2009

Every time I look at you...

Its amazing how fast the years flew by. It seems just yesterday I gave birth to my 5 year old, just yesterday I nursed her at my breast, and now my oldest child is starting kindergarten on Monday. And I am so nervous. Its so hard for me to let her go, I feel that it is too soon for her to go somewhere, where she will be without me. I know that she is ready, she has her backpack packed since last year... and is very excited at the prospect of riding the big yellow bus, and playing and learning with other kids her age. I am sad that now that she is starting school, her summer is coming to an end. A new road of learning will soon begin.

Maybe next year she wont have to go to school, maybe next year I can home school? A few of my blogger friends are homeschooling mothers, what a big commitment to make! With Gods help I will be able to let my little one go to Kindergarten and not dissolve into tears. I will let God keep her safe and sound in his hands while I am not there to watch her. May God give me wisdom and guidance on how to help my daughter adjust to this new, exciting road for her.

It is just that every time I look at you... you are still my firstborn little girl...:)

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